Did you know that you can buy a new condo from the builder's plans/drawings with your realtor?

Your realtor has first access and definitely prime information about the units. Choosing the unit, the floor, the orientation and the layout is a difficult task. Add to this the interior design options offered by the builder with their extra cost and it can become a matter of considerable work and/or difficulty. Having someone knowledgeable on your side is an advantage.

And it is at no cost to you, the client!

THE ONE at Yonge & Bloor This building is set to be the tallest residential skyscraper in Canada, a project designed by the innovative and skillful British architects team Foster & Partners.

The residential portion of this building starts on the 19th floor, and goes up to the 85th floor with Penthouses above. It will feature 416 units - like Toronto area code 416!, many are large with unobstructed views, very few small units. There will be a heated year-round outdoor pool, the parking will work on a valet system.

The structural system will have a great visual impact. Taking their cue from nature, exoskeleton buildings challenge the mantra that ‘less is more’ when it comes to celebrating our cities. Bold and unflinching, these structures are finely tuned exponents of the dialogue that exists between architect and engineer. The coming together of these two professions is paramount to the success of such a mega-project. Deploying macro-bracing across the exterior enables design teams to push the possibilities of contemporary steel work, and our imagination in the process. It’s a deliberate aesthetic choice, often fraught with technical obstacles. More often than not, the essential structural features are under appreciated as they are typically hidden deep within the cladding of buildings to provide a more aesthetically pleasing exterior. However, a number of buildings weren't afraid to expose their skeleton and as such showcase the technically-savvy design of their structure. THE ONE will be one of them.

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